Diversity & Inclusion

At Rampersand we are strong believers in helping under-represented founders on their path toward building a successful business. We are not satisfied with the status quo, where only a relatively small minority of funding in Australia and across the globe going to under-represented founders. 


Our fund defines under-represented founders as anyone that is not an Australian-born caucasion straight, able-bodied man. 


While we have been working to address the gap since our establishment, in 2019 we launched a new program working to address the funding gap for under-represented founders, with the generous support of LaunchVic.

To guide us through the program, outlined below, we have appointed the Rampersand Inclusion Advisory Board, with four amazing individuals who support and inform our efforts. You can read more about that here:

The program has 4 steps:

It Starts With Us

As a Venture Capital Fund, we need to better understand how our processes, people and practices are putting up barriers for under-represented founders.

Listen & Learn

Undoubtedly some of the funding gap is caused by an inability to recognise brilliance in founders from diverse backgrounds, specifically because there is relatively little time spent with those founders to understand them.

We do this by opening our eyes and ears — spending time with under-represented founders, understanding their journey and challenges and how the traits of brilliance and ambition come across differently.

Share & Be Open

There is so much mystery and misinformation about the fundraising process. Founders either aren’t aware of the funding opportunities, don’t believe it’s relevant to them, or simply don’t know how to participate.

Being more open and clear about processes, requirements and expectations may help many founders access funding they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Get Help

While we work on continuing to build the diversity of our own team, as a small company it is unlikely we will have a representation of all the myriad of under-represented people in the community.


What we are committed to is the principle of openness and accessibility for all founders, and the requirement to continue to be guided by people with different experiences and backgrounds to our own.

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