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Because startups need more than just money

Back in 2013, we went all-in to solve a problem in our startup ecosystem.......

Founders blaze their own trails in the complex jungle of international commerce. They get there faster with the right support. Having worked in a series of successful startups (sold to the likes of Oracle, Facebook and Singtel), our team knows how exhilarating and challenging building a big company can be.

Back then, there were very few venture capital funds in Australia. Our partners had recently returned from the US and were worried breakthrough support was far too hard for Australian founders to access.

Founders thrive when they get more than just money from their investors. Those who go the whole way need investors to join their team, not the other way round. Investors who make introductions to target customers, future staff, and leading international funds when you’re ready. Investors who pitch in when their expertise is needed, and who aren’t there just for shiny investor reports, but also when things get hard.

We’re incredibly proud of the founders Rampersand has backed. We invest early, and we like to follow on. We’re a small team, so there is minimal red tape and no fuss. It’s not about us. We love to hear from founders early, so get in touch today - even if just to get on our radar before you decide to raise.


Founders we back are building amazing companies

What do they have in common?

What kind of companies?

We aren’t sector-specific and have invested in enterprise, B2B and B2C companies. We’ve invested in startups across fin-tech, data, cybersecurity, augmented reality, HR and workplace platforms, as well as logistics.

In 2020, we have a particular interest in companies building unique technology, with scalable business models, and with strong founders at the helm.

When do we invest?

We invest at the late seed to series A stage. We have been the first cheque for many of our startups but in round two or three for some of the others. Usually, companies have a product already in market or about to launch as well as a clear on view their target customers and go-to-market, even though we all know this will evolve a lot over the years.

What do we look for?

Smart tech solving big problems is a given. For us it’s all about team. Strong founders with a good mix of skills and a clear sense of what kind of team they need to build to win their race. Australians tend to undersell themselves and come to VCs with clear plans for achievable wins, which is good. But we also want to hear your big vision.

What is your process?

Glad you asked. Full details here. But in essence: we try to keep it as time-efficient as possible for founders. For companies that make it all the way through, it’s a few meetings, with the nitty-gritty due diligence running as a parallel process. Most of the companies we’ve backed got a clear “yes we’re committed” very quickly.

What else do you offer beyond money?

The basis of Rampersand was to help give the companies we back an unfair chance of success through our experience and networks, so we are at our founders’ disposal. Our role is to become a trusted adviser for our founders — for both the good bits and the hard bits.


We know there are going to be difficult parts of every company’s journey, and we don’t expect the founders we back to have all the answers. It can be very lonely being a founder, and we are there to back you no matter what happens.

This manifests in a number of ways, from board or advisory roles, regular catch ups, support with PR, marketing, product strategy, financial strategy, sales, M&A (all skills found within our partnership and support platform), and of course cheerleading from the side.


Let's do this!

Sending a deck helps, but it’s not mandatory, especially if you’re reaching out before you raise. But do include some information about you, the company, the vision, the problem you're solving, and your market and traction.

Ready to ramp up your business? 

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