Rampersand Code of Conduct


Our goal for Rampersand’s code of conduct is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for people who share our values of tolerance and inclusivity. To that end, we have adopted this code of conduct to support and welcome everyone to our community.

In addition to the below requirements, we further recognise that the power relationship, between investors and the people they may invest in, is heavily weighted in favour of the investor. We expect those in an uneven power relationship to be especially conscious of the code of conduct.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity

Rampersand is committed to upholding and promoting the principles of human rights and equal opportunity (EO), and maintaining a non-discriminatory work environment for all employees, founders and representatives per the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities 2006 and the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 1995.

Bullying, Violence, and Harassment in the Workplace

Rampersand is equally committed to protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of all Rampersand employees, founders, representatives and broader Rampersand community participants. Rampersand will provide, as far as is practicable, a safe workplace that is free from bullying and violent behaviour.

Rampersand is also committed to providing a discrimination and harassment-free environment for all Rampersand employees, founders, representatives and broader Rampersand community participants and ensures all employees are treated equitably by creating an environment free from intimidating, hostile, or offensive behaviour.

Harassment is any type of behaviour that another person does not want or that may offend, embarrass, or scare them either non-verbally, verbally or physically; including such things as their race, gender, disability, age, sexuality, physical appearance etc.

Harassment is unlawful in any work-related context and may result in termination of employment or other commercial relationships and arrangements.

Examples of unacceptable behaviour include, but are not limited to:

Disparaging remarks, slurs, discriminatory remarks, negative comments, insults, inappropriate gestures or unwanted physical contact, displaying inappropriate images, unsolicited private messaging or phone calls, continued communication or behaviour after being asked to stop, implicitly or explicitly requesting sexual activity in exchange for reward including funding, referrals, future employment, promotion, or invitation to exclusive events. Encouraging or enabling or action which breaches this code of conduct or the law.

Complaint Handling Procedure

Rampersand strongly encourages everyone to report any acts or suspected acts of discrimination, bullying, violence, or harassment.  We expect people in positions of power to be especially conscientious in reporting any violations they encounter (with the consent of the person involved if applicable) as they are less vulnerable to retaliation or pressure than people with less power.

Rampersand will treat all reports of discrimination, bullying, violence or harassment seriously, and Rampersand will investigate thoroughly, promptly and confidentially.

One may report violations in any of the following ways:


The code of conduct committee consists of:

  • Sunday Berry - Head of Operations,

  • Chris Quirk – Investment Manager, and

  • Jacqueline Stone - Director of Rampersand holdings.


If the person who violated the code of conduct is on the committee, they will recuse themselves from handling that report, and Rampersand will fill the position with a non-involved member of the team.

We aim to acknowledge reports within 24-48 hours, and to complete handling a report within ten business days. Actions we may take in response to a report include:

  • Nothing

  • Counselling (either or both parties)

  • Verbal warning 

  • Temporary ban from specific spaces or forums

  • A permanent ban from particular areas or forums 

  • Removal or adjustment of responsibilities (e.g. replacement of the investor director or board observer from the board)

  • Termination of employment

  • Report to legal authorities


If possible and appropriate, we will make a statement about the report and any actions we took available to everyone aware of the original incident. We will strive to protect reporters or targets from retaliation whenever possible.

Rampersand Complaint Record


Name and contact details of the person making the complaint



Who or what does the complaint regard?



What decision or action by that person(s)/organisation brought about the complaint?



When and where did the event or incident occur? Provide details of the event(s), where possible.



What action has (or has not) been taken by the organisation since the incident? Please identify each instance.



Are there any other parties to the incident or action? Provide as much information as possible of any other parties. (Consider whether there are any privacy issues)


  • Sunday Berry 

  • Chris Quirk

  • Jacqueline Stone

  •  Other __________________________________


Dates & description of event handling process



Decisions & Outcomes



Required Follow up


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